The Slide Show Plugin


This plugin is designed to easily create Slide Shows based on any images.

You can easily Add, Remove images to create the Slide Show.

New "Clickable" images Feature

You can now add a link for each image, if specified, it will allows to open a specific page when clicking on it. To allows this you have to :


The plugin has been designed to work with the "Ad-Gallery" javascript slidshow program available at the following location :, and with "FancyBox" java program available at the following location :


For each slide show created with this plugin, you can adjust most of the available controls available in ad-gallery :


To correctly work, you need to have access to CKEditor, KCFinder (or any stuff to allow to upkoad images on the server), ad-gallery javascript / css and fancybox javascript and css are included in the slideshow zip/package so normally it will work right after the installation process.

Bugs & Known Issues

Preview panel does not work correctly with IE9 and below (Due to the usage of "iframe" for the preview popup, It seems that the preview panel doesn't work with Internet Explorer version 9 and below).

Really Like It !

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Source Code

The source code is available here : Github DevLabnet

Plugin By Cricri042